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Find out how Laufer Wind is making wind farms more welcome.

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Introducing Radar-Activated Obstruction Lighting

Laufer Wind's Aircraft Detection System (ADS) is a radar-based obstruction lighting technology designed to minimize the impact of wind farms' flashing lights on surrounding communities and wildlife. The ADS satisfies civil aviation lighting standards for aircraft safety while addressing nuisance light concerns of local neighbors.

Our ADS offers significant advantages over competitive products:

Best Price - Laufer Wind's proprietary MD-12 Radar has the required capabilities at a significantly lower cost than our competitors.

Best Performance - A patented methodology for controlling lights keeps obstruction lights off for a greater percentage of time than competing technologies.

FAA-tested - Laufer Wind is the first manufacturer to have a FAA Technical Note confirming that our system meets FAA requirements for Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems.

In 2016, Laufer Wind became the first company to deploy an FAA-approved Aircraft Detection Lighting System on a US wind farm.