On. Off. Safe.


Safe for air traffic

Laufer Wind’s radar-activated lighting system keeps obstruction lights on until all aircraft are verified to have flown out of the protected perimeter. Our patented method for counting aircraft that fly in and out of the airspace guarantees that lights stay on while they are overhead.  


Whether you’re developing a new project, retrofitting an operational farm, repowering older turbines, or expanding a wind resource area, our system can be adapted for any configuration.

Leverages advanced modeling and analysis software

Laufer Wind uses sophisticated terrain and radar coverage modeling software to verify feasibility of the application to a given wind farm. It is the same software toolkit used by Raytheon to develop its wind turbine/radar modeling technology.


Our system employs multiple layers of failsafe mechanisms that default at the first sign of any irregularity to: “Lights ON.”

No full-time radar personnel required

The ADS is fully autonomous and does not require your operator to actively monitor the system.

Compliant with regulations

In December 2015, the FAA published performance standards for Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems. The FAA has released a Technical Note confirming that Laufer Wind's Aircraft Detection System meets these requirements for radar lighting.

Less impact on wildlife

By keeping lights on only when necessary, our system may help reduce the effect of turbines upon avian wildlife attracted to lights at night.